Refund Polices And Norms
Simplified Terms And Conditions
Policy on Refund for Transcription:
  1. We apply refund policy only within 15 days from the date of delivery.
  2. If the client decides to return the work for quality concerns after 15 days, we will charge 30% proofreading rate and 50% for rework. (Length of the file and the original cost are the basis for the 30% and 50% calculation).
  3. We can only accommodate refund for category A (excellent) and category B (good) audio/video files.
  4. We shall exercise our right to perform a proofreading for any quality issues raised before we process any request for a refund.
  5. We will only honor a request for a refund if we can validate the failure in our established quality standards and guidelines through the results of the proofreading review. We shall request a revised copy from the client.
  6. Low-quality files and rush orders are exclusive in this refund policy.
  7. We may not guarantee accuracy for rush orders and poor quality video or audio files. In this case, we may not take responsible for rework requests for these poor conditions.

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