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Oral history transcription services support event recollection in many ways

An oral history contains many interesting historical accounts of past events, family life, and individual life stories gathered through a series of planned documentaries or interviews.

A vast collection of new insights, personal accounts, and exact details can be obtained with the help of oral history transcription services. The main purpose of an oral history transcription is to preserve the truthful perception of the interviewee while creating easy access to the historical information on the web. An oral history transcription reveals several important details and significant remarks of the speakers which are proven to be beneficial for historical researchers in the future. As more people become interested to discover other historical points of view, there will always be a huge demand for oral history transcription services at the present time. Indeed, oral history transcription services deliver the necessary solutions to facilitate accurate information drive and proper learning in the absence of history books.

Essential service features of oral history transcription companies

Oral history transcription companies are considered solid service providers that deliver certified transcription from recorded interviews, historical films, and documentaries. Their service expertise is very helpful to many historians, filmmakers, and government agencies related to historical or heritage preservation. Apart from transcription, they can also expand to other related professional services like oral history translation, voice-over, and academic paper writing in conjunction with history subjects. Vanan is an ISO 9001: Certified transcription partner that delivers high-quality oral history transcription with 100% accuracy in 100+ international dialects to choose from. We manage over 800 professional transcribers who are gifted with impressive credentials and cultural sensitivity to produce your oral history transcription exactly how it should be performed. The historical details are very important that is why we give strong emphasis on spelling, names, dates, places mentioned in the source.

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An oral history transcription is a great alternative option in acquiring historical facts not commonly found in old history books. However, for many people, the budget remains to be an important part of their decision to hire the services of oral history transcription companies. Fortunately, we offer clients the most reasonable oral history transcription rates starting at $1 per minute. Complementing our pocket-friendly oral history transcription rates are the following service features: Provision of a free quote upon filling up the order form, Easy uploading process to our fully secured server, Provision of NDA agreements to the clients and transcribers for confidentiality, Multiple layers of evaluation process to ensure error-free oral history transcription, Reachable 24/7 customer care support through toll-free numbers, call back and live chat online.

Aside from our oral history transcription services, we also provide the following transcription services

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